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Software quality and development engineer

31 years old
Hamburg (22767) Germany
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Working at OFFIS research institute for computer science in Oldenburg during the last four years, I gained competencies in various fields. As I worked in different EU research projects, I participated in project management activities including meetings in an intercultural environment allowing me to significantly evolve on the interpersonal level. Also, my writing and presentation skills were further polished throughout co-authoring and presenting project deliverables and several scientific articles.

On the technical front, I became more experienced in Java development and several software technologies from the Java world. Throughout participating in different projects involving EMF such as an EMF-Based Simulink Model and an RDF-Based query engine for EMF models and Extending industrial grade Eclipse-Based tools, I became very knowledgeable in Eclipse-Based technologies. Additionally, working intensively on standardized software integration based on web technology (OSLC) I also gained knowledge in the area of Java-based web development. Finally, as I worked on a toolchain that facilitates the retrieval of engineering data from various tools, I initiated myself well to technologies from the world of big data such as RDF, SPARQL as language and protocol, the Apache Jena framework, and several open source triple stores.

After acquiring these skills, I joined Itemis to apply myself in an industrial context and grow furthermore both on the technical and personal fronts. Accordingly, I learned in Itemis to work according to Scrum on an Eclipse-based product and I additionally had the opportunity to undergo a Scrum training and to obtain a Scrum Master/Professional Certification.

I am currently on the lookout for new opportunities that would allow me to further polish my technical know-how and personal skills.

Software Developer

Since February 2018
  • Web Development in the e-commerce department of Otto
  • Java, Spring, Spring boot, Amazon Web Services, Mongo DB, Atlas

IT Consultant

June 2017 to December 2017
  • Java / Eclipse RCP development according to Scrum on the Yakindu Traceability product
  • The accomplishment of several training sessions. In Scrum (Certified Scrum Master/Professional ), Clean Code, and TDD.

Research Assistant

OFFIS & Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Department of Computer Sciences
January 2013 to March 2017
  • Participation in several research projects including Artemis MBAT, CSE, and Amalthea4Public
  • Development of an adapter for the AMALTHEA4public platform enabling integration scenarios based on the OSLC standard
  • Development of a SPARQL Query engine for EMF Models based on Apache Jena
  • Integration of an interoperable Requirements Formalization and Consistency Analysis Toolchain based on Research Technology, IBM DOORS and the BTC Embedded Specifier tool. Integration based on the OSLC Standard
  • Contribution to the development of a model transformation of Matlab Simulink/Stateflow models using the Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • Development of a Lifecycle Query ToolChain enabled by the OSLC Standard
  • Extension of the OSLC standard for interoperability of lifecycle management tools together with major players of the software industry, e.g. DASSAULT systems
  • Co-authoring and review of project deliverables and participation in meetings with project partners
  • Management, authoring, and co-authoring of several peer-reviewed​ scientific articles and presentation of two of them in EU conferences
  • Ongoing Contribution to The Eclipse Lyo project
  • Technologies: JAVA / the Lyo OSLC4J libraries, Apache Jena ARQ, SPARQL language/protocol and open source HTTP SPARQL-enabled triplestore technology, IBM Rational Lifecycle Management toolsuite, Matlab Simulink/Stateflow
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  • Research of the state of the art in the management of a specification's update in testing
  • Design of a test strategy for generating test cases from a test model and existing test cases
  • Specification and design of the solution in UML
  • Implementation of a backend based on JAVA and the Eclipse Modeling Framework and a GUI based on SWT
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Engineering assistant: creation of a model-based testing automation process

October 2011 to February 2012
  • Understanding the continuous integration environment of the company
  • Taking in hand the SWTBot test robot
  • Automation of test generation and execution for newly created software artifacts by the use of a test model and test execution robots
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Master degree in systems engineering and project management. Specialization: quality and dependability of computer systems (ex QUASSI) (double degree)

Engineering sciences and techniques institute of Angers (ISTIA), France

September 2011 to September 2012

Master degree in software engineering

National school of applied sciences of Tangier (ENSA), Morocco

September 2009 to September 2011

Higher studies degree in sciences and techniques

Faculty of sciences and techniques of Tangier (FST), Morocco

September 2007 to September 2009
  • Scrum (Certified Scrum Master/Professional)
  • Arabic: native
  • French: fluent
  • English: fluent, TOEIC 92%
  • German: intermediate, level B2
  • Spanish: intermediate
  • OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration)
  • UML Testing Profile
  • OAuth 2.0
  • Risk management: FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
  • Safety analysis : Fault Tree Analysis, software fault injection, model checking, model-based safety analysis
  • TDD / Clean code
  • UML, Merise
  • Restful Services
  • MaTeLo, Model-Based Testing
  • HTML
  • C, C++(QT)
  • JAVA (Swing, SWT)
  • Eclipse Framework (Rich Client Platform, Eclipse Modeling Framework), Eclipse Lyo
  • Apache Jena
  • Subversion, Git
  • MySQL, Oracle (10g, 11g), SQLite, Apache Jena TDB / Fuseki, Eclipse RDF4J, Stardog triplestore
  • Matlab Simulink/Stateflow
  • IBM DOORS Next Generation, IBM Rational Quality Manager, IBM Jazz Team Server
  • BTC Embedded Specifier
  • Jenkins
  • AWS (EC2, IAM, VPC, Cloudformation, CDK)