IT Consultant

Since June 2017

Research Assistant

January 2016 to March 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Consultancy for the KTH Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm
  • Development of a Lifecycle Query ToolChain enabled by the OSLC Standard
  • Experience with big data technologies: RDF databases, triplestores and SPARQL as query language and protocol
  • Ongoing Contribution to The Eclipse Lyo project
  • Participation in the AMALTHEA4public project
  • Development based on JAVA / the Lyo OSLC4J libraries, Apache Jena ARQ and OpenRDF Sesame as client libraries and open source HTTP SPARQL-enabled triplestore technology

Research Assistant

OFFIS & Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Department of Computer Sciences
January 2015 to December 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Participation in the AMALTHEA4public project funded by ITEA3, continuation of the AMALTHEA project centered around an open source tool platform for engineering embedded multi- and many-core software systems
  • Development of an adapter for the platform enabling integration scenarios based on the OSLC standard
  • Development of an SPARQL Query engine for EMF Models based on Apache Jena
  • Ongoing Contribution to the Eclipse APP4MC project
  • Participation in the CSE project (CSE Interdisciplinary Research Center on Critical Systems Engineering for Socio-Technical Systems)
  • Integration of an interoperable Requirements Formalization and Consistency Analysis Toolchain based on Research Technology, IBM DOORS and the BTC Embedded Specifier tool. Integration based on the OSLC Standard
  • Development based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework, the Lyo OSLC4J libraries and Apache Jena ARQ

Research Assistant

January 2013 to December 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Participation in the MBAT (Model-Based Analysis and Testing) research project, funded by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
  • Co-authoring and review of project deliverables and participation in meetings with project partners
  • Management, authoring and co-authoring of several peer-reviewed​ scientific articles and presentation of two of them in EU conferences
  • Development of a model transformation of Matlab Simulink/Stateflow models using JAVA and the Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • Contribution to the development of a model-based safety analysis framework for safety-critical software using software fault injection techniques and model checking
  • Extension of the OSLC standard for interoperability of lifecycle management tools together with major players of the software industry, e.g. DASSAULT systems
Detailed Description
  • Technical context : Java Development, Eclipse Modeling Framework / Plug-in development, Matlab Simulink/ Stateflow API, UML Testing Profile, OSLC, Meta-Model for model-based analysis and testing
  • Summary: experience with state of the art research in the field of V&V of safety-critical systems, participation in a continent-wide​ V&V research project
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Responsibilities completed
  • Research of the state of the art in the management of a specification's update in testing
  • Design of a test strategy for generating test cases from a test model and existing test cases
  • Specification and design of the solution in UML
  • Implementation of a backend based on JAVA and the Eclipse Modeling Framework and a GUI based on SWT
Detailed Description
  • Technical context: JAVA development, SWT, Eclipse Modeling Framwork / plug-in development, MaTeLo, UML
  • Summary: first contact with the R&D industry, specification, development and testing of a software solution
Responsibilities completed
  • Understanding the continuous integration environment of the company
  • Taking in hand the SWTBot test robot
  • Automation of test generation and execution for newly created software artifacts by the use of a test model and test execution robots
Detailed Description
  • Technical context: Model Based Testing, MaTeLo, Eclipse RCP, SWTBot, Hudson, Maven, Continuous Integration
  • Summary: use of the test robot SWTBot, first experience with model-based testing and the MaTeLo tool, first experience with a continuous integration environment